SSH Web Hosting

Secure, Safe and Strong Data Transfer

Super Secure

Do you have sensitive or private data that you want on driving your website, most likely from the background? For example, perhaps you run an e-commerce website and you keep track of sales and contact information for marketing purposes. Clearly, you wouldn't want to someone to steal that information from you when you are transferring it to or from the website.

That is why SSH hosting exists. With SSH web hosting, connections used to transfer information are secure and protected. This allows you to transfer sensitive information while keeping your own peace of mind. Without SSH, every transfer of information could potentially be read or even saved and distributed by unknown third parties. Depending on the information, this could range from trivial to truly threatening. On top of this, any website that collects information from its users has a responsibility to protect that data, and without security like SSH, it becomes difficult to impossible to ensure the protection of that data.

Secure Shell (SSH) hosting provides secure, stable transmission for data between servers. Since A Small Orange prides itself in being a web developer hosting provider, we offer developers access to secure shell hosting on our Linux servers to ensure mission critical data transmission can be trusted without packet interception. For developers, SSH hosting provides an encrypted, effective means for secure file transfers (FTP), SQL connections and file access through Subversion (SVN) and other methods.

Our SSH web hosting solutions utilize public key encryption at the highest standards so you can trust remote connections. We support the SSH-2 protocols with reliable key exchanges and authentication, including the latest patches and updates. Combined with our reliable datacenter and network infrastructure, you can trust ASO to offer secure, up to date shell hosting.

SSH Hosting Features

  • Today's advanced applications demand high performance solutions, and our SSH hosting provides a secure way to excecute shell commands. Our dedicated servers allow for secure file transfers, backups, VPN connections and application management. Each of our shell server options provides SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) and data encryption using the latest public keys.

    Our SSH hosting solutions provide complete support for SFTP, SCP, authorized keys and user access levels. When it comes to finding the right fit for your web development hosting needs, we offer flexible solutions, expert support and custom options so you can fully trust your SSH architecture layers.

  • A Small Orange provides the following hosting solutions:

    • Secure transport and connection layers for packet transmission
    • Protected user authentication with support for public key as well as SecurID and S/Key standards
    • Secure DNS records with SSHFP to verify host and connection authenticity

SSH Web Hosting Solutions

We provide support for the SSH client and options you need to run your application. Whether you prefer to run Open SSH, FileZilla, PuTTY, Smart FTP or another client, our servers offer you the flexibility you need. Customized server solutions allow you to feel confident in your data transmission, and our dedicated support engineers continually support your adapting needs to deliver reliable SSH hosting.

A Small Orange offers SSH with our hosting packages because we want our customers to sleep soundly. We always use the latest complete version of SSH so that any security holes maintain patched and closed. Security is one of the many very important aspects of running a successful website, and we want our customers to be successful in their ventures.