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Ruby for Rapid Development

  • The creation of the Ruby programming language goes back to 1995. You could say it has been around for a while. Ruby on Rails (RoR) adapts Ruby so that it can be used for rapid development, or, in other words, getting things done and created very quickly. Furthermore, while Ruby is a general purpose programming language, Ruby on Rails is designed to be a web programming language. This makes web-specific tasks much easier. Ruby on Rails hosting can expand the capabilities of your website. Every programming language has its advantages, and Ruby on Rails is no exception. By utilizing a variety of programming languages, you can get more unique things done on your website in the most efficient way.

  • The downside to Ruby on Rails web hosting is that it generally takes some programming experience to really take advantage of it. However, with minimal programming experience, you may be able to use open source code and tweak it to do exactly what you want. Through this method, Ruby hosting can become powerful even for the programmer with limited experience. If you are unsure if Ruby on Rails can do what you need, perhaps we can help you. Our top notch customer service is happy to help you set up Ruby on Rails applications, and we're even willing to help you with fixing some coding problems.

Ruby on Rails Hosting

Technical Solutions

Effectively deploying Ruby on Rails web hosting requires full compatibility across the Active Record MVC (model, view, controller) architecture. Our Rails servers are optimized for the software stack, including WEBrick or Mongrel servers, Rake build modules and are compatible with the latest JavaScript libraries including Protoype, and jQuery. We can help keep your Ruby build updates so you can seamlessly upgrade to Rails 3.0 and beyond as the framework continues to mature.

Ruby on Rails Web Hosting:

Why Host Rails with Us

With Ruby on Rails hosting, you can deploy a complete model-view-controller web development environment in less time. A Small Orange offers Rails optimized hosting which is fully compatible with the latest release, and is flexible enough to allow you to customize your configuration with performance enhancements such as Mongrel and the latest Ruby Gems.

From startups to enterprise applications, our Rails web hosting solutions can be customized based upon your technical requirements. We understand how to optimize load times and maximize uptime on Mongrel or WEBrick-based Rails deployments, and are a trusted partner to countless Rails developers. We offer the latest Ruby servers featuring advanced Intel hardware and industrial grade performance. Our Rails hosting solutions include integrated management, security, administration and 24 hour year-round support. We specialize in web development hosting and have knowledgeable Rails engineers ready to solve complex problems.