PHP Hosting

PHP Today and Tomorrow

As PHP continues to evolve, A Small Orange has been raising the bar in offering powerful, reliable PHP5 hosting solutions to our clients. We understand modern web development because we have offered reputable hosting since 2003, making us one of the leading PHP hosting companies in the industry today. Our advanced hosting technology and support team actively keep up with the latest PHP releases to help you fine tune your installations. With 24/7 support all year long (PHP applications shouldn't sleep, so why should we?), you can feel confident in hosting PHP applications from startups to industrial-grade enterprise solutions at A Small Orange.

We understand the needs of PHP developers. Since PHP relies upon servers to read dynamic runtime data, having a reliable server with full compatibility for the latest software releases, responsive hardware, consistent uptime and ongoing performance monitoring with managed services can keep your application running optimally. We offer support for PHP modules as well as helping you keep your LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack up to date, you can rely upon our hardware and technical support. We support nearly every PHP technology from Apache to Zlib, along with important solutions such as JSON, XML, XSL, Ion Cube, PDO, SOAP, Postgre and many others. We know that the PHP development community will continue to evolve with new frameworks and libraries into PHP 6 and beyond, and we'll be here to keep your hosting solution performing at the state of the art.

Performance-focused PHP 5 Hosting

With the release of PHP 5.3, the language continues to evolve as a more secure server-side language, which enables many modern web applications. Our hosting environments are designed to help you leverage PHP frameworks to accelerate the development curve, with full support for model-view-controller (MVC) frameworks such as Symfony, Cake (we're going the distance; we're going full speed), Code Igniter and Zend.

As PHP progresses, the language continues to expand its object oriented (OOP) focus with traits and more logical syntax, while also expanding its libraries to accelerate development and improving session security to safeguard user (and server) data. Since PHP is an open language, our Apache servers provide an ideal solution for startups as well as established developers who want a more flexible solution than Microsoft/IIS configurations. By investing in reliable PHP5 hosting, you can benefit from a growing LAMP development community and benefit from compatibility with the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 standards for both desktop and mobile implementation.

Solutions for Developers

  • Whether you are looking for top end managed dedicated PHP servers or high performance VPS for your PHP project, our hosting plans are custom designed to meet the performance needs of your applications:

    • Our hosting plans feature the latest Intel hardware, advanced configuration options
    • Round the clock support, performance monitoring and direct access to data networks
    • Access to technical support with engineers who understands PHP

  • Even if you're not a skilled web developer, having PHP5 installed can still prove beneficial. Lots of third party web applications use PHP, and little is more frustrating than installing pre-programmed software only to have it fail due to an outdated version of PHP. For example, WordPress blogs and PHPbb forums utilize PHP for almost every aspect of their implementations. Using an old version of PHP might cause these programs to fail to install, work incorrectly, or disable useful features. Why miss out when you don't need to? Don't be left behind, make sure you're getting the most out of your PHP applications with PHP5 Hosting.