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MySQL is the leading open source database and a very powerful tool for website development. Through MySQL hosting, you can create databases of information that can drive a content site, such as a blog or a social media site. Or the data you store can be used to enhance sales on an e-commerce website. MySQL has become the most widely adopted open source database solution for its streamlined code base, open structure, intuitive (mostly) syntax and integration with common platforms such as LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) as well as Ruby and custom software stacks.

Databases can enable your site to have a powerful architecture. MySQL allows for
exactly that, especially when combined with certain programming languages like PHP5. Such technologies allow you to create Web 2.0 properties that allow users to submit content, or that simply allow you to capture extra usage information from your users as they browse your site.

However, you don't need to be a programmer to make use of MySQL web hosting. Many forum packages also use MySQL to keep track of users, threads, settings, and other things as well. By simply installing common web management software, you are likely making use of MySQL and many of the features it has to offer. To get the most out of MySQL, though, some programming knowledge will help.

    Did you know that WordPress, a popular blogging software, uses MySQL to store:
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    MySQL Hosting

    • We offer the power and flexibility to deploy mySQL to optimize your application performance. We offer multi-processor servers including custom dedicated and cloud hosting so you can build master writer databases as well as dedicated replicates to process all read queries. We can help you improve database speed and performance by implementing memcache and partitioned database (shards) across multiple servers.

      Our Linux servers feature the latest Intel hardware with full compatibility with the latest mySQL builds. With our dedicated server solutions you can reliably run MySQL on nearly any OS, ranging from Linux (Shell) to BSD to OSX to Net Ware, Solaris, Sun, BSD, Net Ware and many others. The flexibility of our hosting solutions are designed so you can deploy mySQL as you see fit based upon your technical requirements.

    • With the upcoming release of mySQL 6, our support engineers are actively learning the very latest solutions to accelerate your transition. We can help you effectively implement Inno DB (the new storage engine), advanced portioning and updated server configurations to benefit from improved multi-core s support. Working with an experienced partner such as A Small Orange can help you to focus on your end-user requirements, so you can build your database-driven business. We have the infrastructure, technical expertise and advanced hostingoptions to deliver the database performance you need and deserve.