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  • cPanel VPS Hosting with A Small Orange

    cPanel is the industry standard web hosting control panel that allows you to access all kinds of quick and easy features. From quickly installing popular blogging or forum software to handling custom databases, cPanel makes it all easy. But all too often, cPanel is paired with basic shared hosting only. By combining cPanel with the impressive power of a virtual private server, A Small Orange gives you cPanel VPS hosting with control and stability.

    Virtual Private servers (VPS) offer an efficient way to scale hosting solutions with flexible, affordable configurations. Providing a level of customization that goes well beyond shared hosting, you have full access to server resources without the need to invest in a dedicated server. When it comes time to upgrading to scale your hosting plan, we can help migrate you to one of our managed or cloud hosting plans seamlessly.

    While many developers manage their servers from shell (SSH), a cPanel VPS hosting option offers value-add services such as multiple domain management, automated backups, intuitive DNS management, easy installation of PEAR packages, Perl modules and Ruby on Rails applications directly. Managing a server with cPanel VPS hosting accelerates development time across one or many sites, with easy access to updated settings, server logs and security updates.

  • Xen Powered Cloud VPS

    We don't provide just any VPS hosting, though. We offer Xen Powered Cloud VPS hosting. Xen is an industry standard virtualization platform. Virtualization allows you to run a complete operating system and hard drive space entirely within a larger computer. In other words, it allows you to split one physical computer into many logical computers and designate how much resources each one gets. Our Cloud VPS hosting is safe, secure, fast, powerful, and easy to use. Powered by Xen, our Cloud VPS allows server administrators to manage servers with an intuitive, powerful interface. With advanced technology, Xen allows virtual server containers to operate efficiently, ensuring a more seamless experience and guarantees resource allocation to you and you alone. With the latest version of the software from Parallels, system administrators can benefit from:

    • Automated resource monitoring to ensure peak performance
    • Seamless access to graphical and shell features for server configuration
    • Intelligent modules to help with server repair, upgrades and software installation


With VPS hosting, you can manage multiple sites from a single, intuitive interface. For developers and webmasters who want to focus on efficient operations, a VPS-optimized cPanel hosting plan can greatly simplify account management. Powered by Web Host Manager (WHM), your server is fully secure while also providing a graphical interface to manage common tasks. As a result, a VPS can be you significant amounts of time as you scale your web properties.

Our cPanel VPS plans help to simplify Apache management with hypervisors, which efficiently create virtual instances on a single server. WHM offers developers the flexibility to work from the command line. As a graphical server administration tool, you can interface with your server through dedicated ports – this allows for secure access to server configuration in a user friendly environment.

Considered a solid intermediate point for developers for server administration, WHM makes it easy to maintain Linux servers including options to:
  • Configure servers including preferences, settings, DNS, IPs and logins
  • Adjust security including Apache settings, ssh options, server scans, permissions and keys with automated alerts
  • Software installation directly without the need to specify packages through Shell
  • Setup and manage user accounts with usage and permission options

A Small Orange continually introduces new options to help you get more value out of your VPS, including clustered, cloud VPS hosting, accelerated support options and the very latest software options. Our industry leading proactive support options allow power users to upgrade to high touch services for an even better VPS experience. We have the technical and professional resources to help scale your virtual server to deliver the performance you need over time.

If any of this is confusing, don't worry about it too much. Essentially, you can rent part of a hosting server that will be all yours to use. No one else will be able to eat up your resources, and you will have full access to them at all times. You will also have the easy accessibility that cPanel provides, rounding out the package quite nicely.

The combination of cPanel and Xen allows us to offer powerful VPS hosting with lots of flexibility and features at very reasonable prices.

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  • Core
  • Storage
  • Ram
  • Bandwidth
  • Price
  • Core1

  • Storage30 GB

  • Ram1024 MB

  • Bandwidth500 GB

  • $20.00/mo

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  • Core2

  • Storage50 GB

  • Ram2048 MB

  • Bandwidth1 TB

  • $30.00/mo

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  • Core2

  • Storage75 GB

  • Ram3072 MB

  • Bandwidth1.5 TB

  • $45.00/mo

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  • Core4

  • Storage100 GB

  • Ram4096 MB

  • Bandwidth2 TB

  • $60.00/mo

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  • Core4

  • Storage125 GB

  • Ram5120 MB

  • Bandwidth2.5 TB

  • $75.00/mo

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  • Core6

  • Storage150 GB

  • Ram6144 MB

  • Bandwidth3 TB

  • $90.00/mo

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  • Core8

  • Storage200 GB

  • Ram8192 MB

  • Bandwidth4 TB

  • $120.00/mo

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  • Core8

  • Storage250 GB

  • Ram10240 MB

  • Bandwidth5 TB

  • $150.00/mo

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