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Voted best Shared + Managed VPS host by Review Signal!

Review Signal Award Review Signal Award

We were happy to see the web hosting review site Review Signal awarded us with Best Shared Web Host and Best Managed VPS Host in 2013.

We were especially pleased to see that all of their awards are based on actual customer reviews! Thanks everyone!

One of the best hosts in town

Review Signal Award

Most people wouldn’t brag about getting fourth place, but we think it is pretty amazing that our customers took the time to vote us on to Lifehacker.com’s list of the top five web hosts in 2012. Unlike most of the other “Lists of the best web hosts,” this list is genuine.

Each host on there was voted in by their customers. We’re super proud to be on that list because we’re a much, much smaller company than those other guys are. That means a much higher percentage of our customers took the time to vote us up to the top. We didn’t solicit or ask for a single vote.

In case you don’t know, Lifehacker.com is a popular blog dedicated to helping people find new ways to make their lives easier. They often feature useful tips and articles on do-it-yourself projects. Like others in the Gawker.com network of blogs, they’re well known for their diverse writing staff and colorful community of commentors.

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