Developers Have Needs: Choose Your Language

Web Development Hosting with A Small Orange

Web hosting for web developers is different from that of the general user. The needs of a web developer call for attention to detail and specialization. While the typical website owner craves simplicity, a developer needs more functionality. Without proper access to programming languages, a developer's capabilities become limited. At A Small Orange, we ensure that our web development hosting includes any programming language that a developer might need for.

Modern web standards are rapidly evolving as the standards such as HTML5 and CSS3 gain traction. Our hosting is tailored for web developers. By providing proper access to languages like Ruby on Rails, PHP5, and MySQL, our hosting truly becomes developer hosting. Combine these languages with SSH capabilities and hosting becomes especially useful for developers. As scripting languages and web standards evolve, we maintain at the forefront by keeping our technology up to date so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Of course, we're aware that not every developer has the same needs when it comes to hosting. That is why we offer a variety of web hosting options. We provide:

Flexible Developer Hosting, Designed to Perform

Consider A Small Orange your partner in growth, with affordably priced basic web developer hosting all the way to fully managed, dedicated plans with advanced security, WHM control panel access, system monitoring and ongoing software updates. We have you covered from Apache to Xeon, with options for every solution in between. Our dedicated staff serves developers with advanced hosting 24/7/365 (we're here on holidays, since uptime requirements don't take vacations). Our "high touch" services assist you with software installation, configuration and performance tuning. When you contact support, we roll out the red carpet treatment by fixing problems, finding solutions and identifying options to help you develop more effectively. The result is affordably priced, reliable servers with the latest specs and quality customer support so you can focus on coding.

Rather than facing technical limitations, our hosting for developers is designed to be secure, reliable and accessible as you build your applications. You won't face limitations with the hosting platform at A Small Orange since we work with countless teams to offer world class hosting for web developers which can adapt to your requirements. When it comes to mission critical web hosting for developers, A Small Orange has earned a reputation for dedication to the developer community. We have a track record of providing a developer-friendly environment. Our homegrown hosting is built to perform so you can focus on development.

Our data centers are built to be flexible enough to handle nearly any coding language for your projects. We connect directly to a primary Telco Hotel vault network which helps improve connection speeds, while our infrastructure provides dedicated monitoring and security to maximize uptime 24/7. We offer rapid response to support tickets, where you will be immediately helped with your own dedicated staff member. Our web developer environment is designed keep your applications running optimally.

Choose A Small Orange for web developers to get the most out of your hosting.