Quick Content Distribution

Distribute your files out to users fast and efficiently.

Order a package by clicking a plan above or contact us via email or live chat for more assistance.

  • Q: What's the catch?

    A: Our file distribution hosting service is for file hosting only. This means no scripting languages, no email service, and no control panel. By removing these items, resource usage drops dramatically and we're able to pass these cost savings on to you. We have also obtained special bandwidth pricing for these servers, meaning we can offer even more bandwidth for less cost. You still get the same great A Small Orange support coverage and the same high quality hosting you've come to expect from us, but at a lower cost.

  • Q: What can I host on this service?

    A: The same as with a standard hosting account. Anything that you have the legal right to distribute can be hosted. The only exception are script applications, which will not run on our file distribution service.

  • Q: Can I purchase both an file distribution and standard hosting account?

    A: Yes! In fact, if your site features a download or photo library, you can host the files on ASOextreme and use your scripts on the standard account. We designed our file distribution service with these sorts of needs in mind.

  • Q: How do I upload files and check on my bandwidth usage?

    A: Uploads can be done using any standard FTP client. They will show up on your file distribution account as soon as you upload them. Bandwidth can be checked at any time using a special URL that will be given to you. Bandwidth stats are provided in real-time, so you always know how much you've used and how many hits you've gotten up to that very second.