A Small Orange Getting Started Guide

I purchased a web hosting account. What do I do now?

Step 4: Upload Your Site

When you are ready, and after propagation is complete-- you can begin to upload your site. We recommend using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to ensure all your files are transferred, safe and sound.

How do I setup SFTP?

First, you need to get an SFTP client (You can use Cyberduck for Mac or Windows or whatever client you prefer) put your website's IP address in the "FTP address" field (Don't know your site's IP address? Check it here). If you want to back up and learn more about SFTP and the other FTP options out there, check out this helpful blog post.

Use the username and password that was sent to you in your Welcome Email (mentioned in the last step).

What port do you need? Port 22.

More information about using an SFTP client can be found here.

Don't have a website to upload or need other starting points?

Within your cPanel section, you can also use the Softaculous App Installer near the bottom which allows you to install with a few clicks, popular CMS options like Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal.

You can also visit the A Small Orange Service Directory if you need to find a Web Designer or Developer to create a site for you.

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