A Small Orange Logo and Brand Guide

How to use the A Small Orange logo and brand materials

A Small Orange Logo

We're proud of the brand we've built here at A Small Orange, and we've created this guide to help you represent our brand. This guide is designed to make it easy for you to use our brand and our logo without having to negotiate a separate agreement or working with our legal team. If you would like to use our brand or logo in a capacity not specified in this document, you will need to work with our legal team.

Logo, Artwork, and Other Marks

Our marks include, but are not limited to, the A Small Orange name (our brand name), Homegrown Hosting (our brand slogan), logo, illustrations, and designs found on our website and marketing collateral. Do not adjust, modify, or alter any of our marks or use them in a way that could be misconstrued as a sponsorship or endorsement. Refrain from using our marks in a way that could confuse A Small Orange with another brand.


Feel free to download and use the following collateral. It has been officially approved by A Small Orange.

Style Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines whenever using our logo and/or marks.

  • Be Sure To:
    Use our official logo to represent our brand
    Take care that our logo text is displayed at the appropriate angle
    Provide at least 25% buffer space on all sides of the logo
    Use our logo to link back to our website
    Feel free to use our official logo across all media forms, digital and analog
  • Just Don't:
    Rotate our logo or attempt to make our text level
    Crop or skew our logo
    Animate our logo
    Modify our logo's colors
    Use any other marks or logos to represent A Small Orange

Hosted By A Small Orange Site Credit Image

Hosted by A Small OrangeYou are welcome to add a Hosted By A Small Orange credit to your website indicating that it is hosted with A Small Orange, but you are certainly not required to do so. We are not required to reciprocate or compensate anyone for listing us as their host, however, if you would like to receive compensation for paying customers you refer to us, you are encouraged to join our affiliate program.

We have a few site credit images for you to chose from, and you can download the collection here.

Please adhere to the following guidelines whenever using our site credit.

  • Be Sure To:
    Use our official logo to show that your website is hosted with A Small Orange
    If possible, make sure that the logo is linked back to http://asmallorange.com/
    Use only one site credit image per web page
  • Just Don't:
    Use the Hosted By A Small Orange Credit on any website not hosted with us
    Imply that we designed your website
    Imply that we approve of your website and/or its content in any way

Merchandise and Manufactured Items

We generally do not permit anyone to use our logo, marks, illustrations, designs, or content on merchandise or manufactured items, but you are free to email info@asmallorange.com if you have ideas and/or questions.

Visual design of your website or application

Please express your uniqueness!

  • Be Sure To:
    Create an awesome and unique design for your website, application, or brand. You deserve it.
  • Just Don't:
    Attempt to copy or duplicate the look and feel of our website, logo, marks, illustrations, or content.

Displaying A Small Orange Content

We make a point to publish useful information to our blog, website, and customer knowledge base.

You are welcome to share this information as you see fit.

  • Be Sure To:
    Contact us for permission first if you'd like to republish any of our content
  • Just Don't:
    Take our content and publish it on other websites. It pays to be original.

More Legal Stuff

A Small Orange reserves the right to modify this document as we see fit without providing notification of such adjustments. It is your responsibility to review this document regularly for potential changes. Thanks.